About Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting software system designed with small business owners in mind. To date, Freshbooks is available in 120 countries and has helped over 5 million users collect a total of $14 billion through invoices. Here, we take a look at Freshbooks’ most comprehensive package, ‘The Mighty Oak.’

Freshbooks’ Mighty Oak
Cost:$39.95/mo/1 user

What you get:As a cloud-based software system, the greatest benefit Freshbooks provides is its ability to be accessed from any device, at any time, be it in-office or mobile. This feature alone can expand both the scope and operability of any small business. Being cloud-based also makes Freshbooks the perfect platform for collaboration, regardless of where your employees may be. In addition, Freshbooks can also help you save time and, in the long run, money, by automating your billing process. It’s also worth mention that Freshbooks will both back up and encrypt your sensitive, financial information.

With The Mighty Oak package, specifically, Freshbooks gives you everything mentioned above and also a beefed up set of additional and useful features. The Mighty Oak gives small business owners the ability to use Freshbooks for an Unlimited amount of clients; it allows Freshbooks branding to be removed from emailed invoices, in order to make your business appear more professional; it provides automated expense imports from bank accounts and credit cards; it implements automatic late fees on overdue invoices; and, it comes with Project Manager, Team Timesheets, and Team Expense Reporting.

By automating and mobilizing your accounting efforts, Freshbooks Mighty Oak package, or any package for that matter, can increase your business’ profitability and efficiency. For these reasons, as well as for its relative affordability, we give Freshbooks a 4.4/5.

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