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We suggest working with a company like eReleases, which provides a number of cost effective press release options but only if you use one of our coupon codes! As a small business owner, you probably do marketing occasionally, but not as much as you’d like. However, when something major happens with your business, you know you need to get the word out. Small businesses can amplify their marketing with a press release which not only brings attention to your newsworthy event, but can also help significantly with SEO.

eReleases Press Release Types

So what are you getting with each option? Any of them are good, but the more you pay, the bigger the reach and chance of getting your story picked up by media.

NewswireLite ($199) – PR Newswire custom national distribution with a max of 400 words.
Buzz Builder ($299) – Everything above, plus one industry or locality target (your choice)
Newsmaker ($399) – Everything above, plus premium news outlets, 500 words and two industry/locality targets, guaranteed on 75+ media sites
PR Pro ($499) – Everything above, plus 600 words and three industry/locality targets, PRTrue List of journalists, guaranteed on 100+ media sites

Don’t forget, what’s listed above is the standard price. You’ll get 15% off with our exclusive coupon code saving you anywhere from $25 to $75!

About eReleases
eReleases’ Mickie Kennedy founded eRelease 14 years ago after working with PR firms and realizing that there weren’t enough meeting the needs of small businesses and non-profits. He wanted to build a company that gives all business access to the newswire – with a friendly touch. eReleases has seen big growth since the early 2000’s but the original vision has not changed. eReleases delivers personal service and exceptional value to every customer, every time a release is submitted, at every price point.

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