About Avira

Avira provides straightforward and quality antivirus protection. We have Avira coupon codes to help you save a few bucks. Sound good? ​Avira is a company that offers anti-virus and computer security software for both home and business applications. Based in Germany, Avira has over 500 employees and more than 25 years of industry experience.

Good: Professional Security
​Cost: ​$102.57/3 users
​What you get: ​Avira’s Professional Security package is their starting option for online business security. The Professional Security package is perfect for those who are just starting out in the world of online entrepreneurialism, as it focuses on Workstation Protection. The package includes: A non-intrusive prevention of cyber threats and scams, real-time malware identification in the cloud, a two-way firewall, and the ability to filter through infected and phishing websites.

Better: Endpoint Security
​Cost: ​$150.10/3 users
​What you get: ​Avira’s Endpoint Security Package is a step up from their Professional Security offering, and as such it includes everything the Professional package does, plus a bit more. The Endpoint Security Package is a good midline product for those small business owners who are experiencing growth and require additional security, to ensure continued financial success of their company. Added features of this package focus on Server Protection, and they include: Automated scans and updates; a step-by-step installation wizard; comprehensive reports, notifications and statistics; and customizable password protection.

Best: Small Business Security Suite
​Cost: ​$208.20/3 users
​What you get: ​Avira’s Small Business Security Suite is its most comprehensive software package for small business owners. In addition to what you can get from the Endpoint Security package, the Security Suite will also provide Email Protection and an Anti-spam Engine, two filtration systems that are essential to managing and organizing a successful online business.

​Summary: For its longstanding reputation as an industry leader, and its ability to offer affordable security software packages for every tier of small business, Avira receives 4 out of 5 stars.

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