About AVG

Founded in 1991, AVG is a growing internet security software company with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. AVG focuses on creating relevant security solutions that evolve with technology, in order to best keep their users’ equipment safe. AVG asked us if we wanted a special AVG coupon code for our customers and we said, “heck yeah!”. Get 20% off their top software packages, but only through the end of the month.

What AVG version should I buy?

Good: AVG Anti-Virus
Cost: $39.99/1 user
What you get:
AVG’s entry level software, Anti-Virus 2013, is a good place to start for those users who’re looking for a basic yet comprehensive security package. Anti-Virus 2013 is essentially a scanning application – one that scans any and all files put onto your computer before you open them. The software includes specific applications that target files received from e-mail, cloud sharing, and internet links, as well as other common sources. In sum, this software is meant to optimize your computer’s performance and protect your privacy. Additionally, Anti-Virus 2013 also comes with free mobile protection and 24/7/365 support.

Better: AVG Internet Security
Cost: $54.99/1 user
What you get:
The AVG Internet Security 2013 package is essentially an amped up version of the Anti-Virus 2013 package that provides additional protection during Internet use. Added features include a beefed up email security application, e-Commerce Protection, and a Hacker Blocking app that prevents other users from accessing files on your PC via the Internet. All in all, AVG’s Internet package will make for a smoother, safer Internet experience, for only about fifteen dollars more per month.

Best: AVG Premium Security
Cost: $69.99/1 user
What you get:
Although touted as AVG’s most comprehensive anti-virus package, Premium Security 2013 really only offers one feature more than the mid-line, Internet Security package. This feature is an application that proactively seeks out potential security threats and warns the user about them before they are encountered. This feature may be useful for the naive user, however for anyone with a bit of Internet commonsense it might just be a case of fluff.

AVG has been a successful anti-virus software developer for over 20 years. Their software is known for both its comprehensiveness and its forward thinking design. As an added plus, AVG also allows potential customers to download free trials of their software from their website. For these reasons, we give AVG a 4.5/5.

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