About Avast

Avast is an antivirus software provider that can protect your small business from an information breach or financial disaster. It’s known for its longstanding success of over 25 years and in all that time has protected over 200 million computer users.

Avast Product Review
Avast has two solutions for small business owners who want a bit more than they’d get from a standard home office product: Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Protection Plus. Each product is designed to keep your small business computing safe and minimize the amount of time you have to worry about security.

Avast Endpoint Protection ($39.99/1 yr./1 PC)
Endpoint Protection provides intelligent antivirus protection using crowd sourced technology. It also allows you to remotely manage your computer and keep an eye on security developments with comprehensive reporting and real time alerts. Whether you’re an antivirus newbie who wants the best in protection and a simplified GUI or a seasoned security wizard who runs their business on the side, Endpoint Protection is a package worth the price tag.

Avast Endpoint Protection Plus ($49.99/1 yr./1 PC)
At root, Endpoint Protection Plus is pretty much the same software as Endpoint Protection; however, for the extra $10 you get an entire new set of features that can save you time and irritation while managing your small business. This packages comes with antispam, a firewall, and premium mobile security. On top of intelligent antivirus protection and remote management, these features represent essentially everything you’ll need to keep your business covered, without having to worry about it.

These days, there are dozens of antivirus solutions to choose from. Small business owners looking for one with a trusted reputation, affordable pricing, and a software offering designed specifically for their small business needs can get it all by choosing Avast. For this, we rank the computer security provider a well-deserved 4.6/5.

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