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Guide To Scoring Discount Tickets: Sports, Concerts, Theme Parks, Movies & Broadway Shows

Whether it’s celebrating a special occasion or just looking for an excuse to get out and enjoy time with your family, there are several ways to find entertainment. Does your family enjoy exploring new parks? Catching up on the latest and greatest converts and movies? Going on thrill-seeking rides non-stop? Whatever your family and friends find enjoyment in, there are easy ways to save!

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How To Get Amusement & Theme Park Discounts

Busch Gardens Discounts

  • Check their Website for Exclusive Offers – Occasionally, Busch Gardens will offer a selection of extra promos and savings opportunities that you can use to your advantage as you plan out your trip. You can find these right on their ticketing website
  • Use a Veterans Discount  – At Busch Gardens, veterans and military personnel can receive special pricing offers. You’ll need to be registered with in order to qualify for promotions exclusively for you. 
  • Consider an Annual Pass – If you find yourself venturing off to Busch Gardens several times a year, consider getting an annual pass. This deal gets you more visiting options and other great benefits as a member. 
  • Buy in Advance – Plan ahead and get automatic savings on your ticket purchase by buying online. No matter how many parks you’re planning on, you can rack up the savings by getting them ahead of time, all online.

How To Get Cedar Point Discounts

  • Browse through their Special Offers Page – Keep tabs on updates to Cedar Point’s Special Offers page. Here you’ll find current and ongoing specials that can help save you on your ticket purchase if applicable. Whether you’re going just for the day or staying at a resort, you may be able to find helpful deals to save you money. 
  • Buy Online If you can plan ahead, get your tickets online before you go. Online ticket prices are often much lower than at the gate. If you know when you’re going and how many tickets to buy, go online for an easy way to get discounts on tickets. 
  • Go At Night – Visit the park after 4 p.m. for a discounted admission rate at Cedar Point. As a general rule, weekdays tend to be lower priced than weekends. 
  • Try a Season Pass – When you find yourself going to Cedar Point almost every other weekend, it may be time for a season pass. These passes can help you save big over the long run, depending on how many times you visit.

How To Get Disney World Discounts 

  • Plan Ahead – An important step in getting the savings you want is in planning and doing your research as you book and make reservations on your trip. With a plan, you can be prepared with how much you spend and be confident that you’ve got the best deals.
  • Go at the Right Time – If you have some flexibility around when you plan your vacation to Disney, choose a non-peak time to get better rates at hotels and airfare. 
  • Use Disney’s Magical Express – If you choose to stay at a Disney World Resort, you can take a free shuttle bus to and from the Orlando International Airport. If you’re traveling with a large group, this method can often be much easier than trying to rent your own car or use a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft. 
  • Pay Attention to Special Offers – Occasionally, Disney may promote special offers, deals and other discount opportunities you can take advantage of if you’re eligible. 
  • Get Promotional Emails from Disney – To help you keep track of these special offers and to never miss an opportunity to save, you can sign up for Disney’s promotional emails that will share discounts and deals that are currently available. 
  • Discover Gift Card Deals – Like many other retailers, Disney offers gift cards that you can use on your various purchases during your Disney vacation. Even better, you can often find these gift cards at a discounted rate. 
  • Use Your Credit Cards to Work For You – You know that with credit cards, you can earn rewards like cash back and miles on your travels. Use those rewards you rack up to your advantage as you plan your Disney trip. 
  • Be an Undercover Tourist – From park tickets to hotels to car rentals to so much more, it pays to be undercover. The tickets purchased through Undercover Tourist also are enabled with FastPass+ which means you can get to all the exciting rides that you want. 
  • Annual Pass For Frequent Visits – If you plan on making your way to Disney often, you may want to consider getting an annual pass. With different tiers, you can choose which options fit you and your family best. An annual pass allows you entry into parks with no block out dates, as well as extra savings and discounts at Disney stores and restaurants. 
  • Skip the Hopping – The Park Hopper feature of admission tickets to Disney allows you to visit multiple parks within the same day. Unless you and your crew are ready to stay from opening till closing with a lot of activity, this may not be a needed feature. It adds an extra $60-80 to your ticket price.
  • Get a Multi-Day Ticket – If you plan on having a longer stay with multiple days to each park and waterpark, consider getting a multi-day ticket option rather than just a one-day ticket. Typically, the more days you stay, the lower the cost is per day. 
  • Military discounts – Enjoy a memorable trip with family or friends with heavily discounted ticket prices. You’ll get to choose whether you want to extend your trip to four days, five days or six days. These ticket options already come with the Park Hopper option, which means you can jump from park to park in the same day. If you want to add the Park Hopper Plus to your ticket, you can do so for just an extra $50 for your entire stay. 

How To Get Disneyland Discounts 

  • Plan in Advance – To get the best prices on your tickets, it’s helpful to plan in advance. When you know what week or long weekend you’re planning on taking to head to Disneyland, start getting your tickets as soon as possible. 
  • Use Your Days Wisely – When it comes to theme park packages, you’ll have the option to choose a single day ticket or a Park Hopper pass that allow you to go from park to park. Typically, these 1-park-per-day tickets are offered at better prices than the Park Hopper option. 
  • Group Your Fun – If Disneyland is one stop among other explorations in California, you can group your adventures together with Southern California’s CityPASS. Find great deals on the area’s top attractions and receive great discounts when you compile your trip all in one place. 
  • Use Your Unique Discount – Disneyland Resort also accepts discounts based on your unique status. For example, if you qualify as active duty, reserve, national guard, retired and others, you may have the opportunity to receive extra discounts on your Disneyland ticket purchase. If you’re a AAA member, you can also save on multi-day ticket options. If you’re traveling with a group, you may also be able to discover extra savings. Discounts are also available for your kids in your group.
  • Get Discounts from Disney – At various times throughout the year, you can special offers and discounts available on the Disneyland website. Based on where you plan on going and who is in your party, you could find some great savings opportunities quickly and easily. Finding deals right through Disneyland ensure that the offers are valid and are easy to use at check-out.  
  • Save as a California Resident  – If you live and work in California, you may be eligible for extra discount opportunities to help you save on your next trip to Disneyland. Teachers may receive special discounts as well as college students who attend school in the area. Also, your employer may also offer some discounted tickets if you’re in Southern California. 
  • Military Discounts – With your military ID and buying your ticket in advance, you may be eligible to receive discounted tickets as military personnel. 
  • Consider an Annual Pass for Frequent Visits – With your annual pass, you’ll receive savings and discounts on other features of your visit like merchandise and dining experiences. Be sure to weigh the cost with these savings potential as well before signing up for an annual pass. 
  • Visit During the Week – If you have some flexibility with your schedule of when you want to visit Disneyland and Southern California, choose value tickets available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Bundle with Your Resort – You may also be able to find great deals when you book your Disneyland Resort reservation with your park admission tickets. If you’re planning on staying at the Disneyland Resort anyway, use their bundling opportunity to your advantage to receive even more discounts and deals on your vacation. 

How To Get Hershey Park Discounts 

  • Sign Up for Emails – Join HersheyPark’s email list to get access to exclusive deals and discounts delivered right to your inbox. With notifications of special sales and promotions, you’ll be confident you’ll never miss a deal. 
  • Browse Through Deal Sites – Before you book your tickets, check out popular deal and discount sites like RetailMeNot or DontPayFull. These sites make it quick and easy – and sometimes automatic – to add discounts that you’re eligible for as you purchase online. 
  • Bundle for Longer Trips – If you’re planning on spending multiple days in the park, consider purchasing tickets in bulk or for multi-day packs. The cost per day may be less when buying for more than one day.

How To Get King’s Island Discounts 

  • Check out their Website – Start by browsing their website to find current deals and savings opportunities that are easy to use. With exclusive offers for bundling attractions, like with Cedar Point, or planning out your trip ahead of time, you can find helpful savings easily and quickly. 
  • Use a Military Discount – If you’re military personnel, you can get exclusive access to extra savings and discounts for you and your family.
  • Go With a Group – If you’re planning your Kings Island adventure with others, get your tickets together. Groups of 15+ can get a lower rate just by purchasing together. Whether a family reunion or corporate event, get a discount for going with others. 
  • Consider an Annual Pass for Frequent Visits – Not only will you get a lower price-per-visit, you’ll also get to enjoy other great benefits like early access and free parking opportunities as a member
  • Use Your AAA – Membership

How To Get Legoland Discounts

  • Become an Undercover Tourist – A popular way to save on several experiences is getting your tickets through Undercover Tourist. This site shares opportunities for you to purchase tickets at a helpful discount. Choose the duration of your stay and what ticket option you want and see your savings immediately. 
  • Consider an Annual Pass – If you and your family are frequent visitors to Legoland, you may want to consider choosing an annual pass. If your visit frequency warrants it, you can save a great deal with your unlimited access with your membership. 
  • GO With a City Card – If you’re planning on checking out other attractions in the city your visiting, consider bundling your experiences together with a city pass like a GO San Diego Card. Check out a variety of attractions all with one pass. 
  • Use Your Status – If you’re military personnel, senior, teacher or student, you may be eligible for additional discounts on your ticket to Legoland. Parks may vary in the discount opportunities they have, so be sure to check with your location before planning on a discount. 

How To Get San Diego Zoo Discounts 

  • Get a Go San Diego City Pass – If you’re planning on visiting other attractions in the San Diego area, like Legoland, SeaWorld and more, get a City Pass. This exclusive offer gets you a discount on all your family-friendly activities, all in one. Get a predetermined pass or customize your own to match your schedule. 
  • Save as AAA Member – Use your AAA membership to your advantage and get exclusive access to ticket specials and discounts for the San Diego Zoo. 
  • Embrace Your Age – As a senior or a student, you can get extra discounts on your ticket to the zoo. This 15% discount is easy to get and often just requires a valid photo ID when you order at the ticket window. 
  • Save as Military Personnel – San Diego Zoo offers complimentary passes and other impressive discounts to eligible U.S. military personnel. All you’ll need to do is show a valid I.D. at the ticket window.

How To Get Six Flags Discounts 

  • Sign Up for Emails – When you join Six Flags America’s email list, you can get access to exclusive discounts and coupons you can use on your ticket purchases. 
  • Browse Special Offers – You may also be able to find occasional special offers and discounts on the Special Offers section on the Six Flags America website. 
  • Check out Discounts on Deal Sites – Browse through a wide selection of specialty deal sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot and SlickDeals. These sites make it easy to find discounts and deals that you can use when you buy tickets online.   
  • Plan Ahead – When you select your ticket date and buy ahead of time, you may be able to get a discounted rate depending on the time of year and day of the week. 
  • Bring a Can of Coke to Save – A unique option for getting a discount on your general admission ticket is in bringing a can of Coke with you as you purchase your ticket in-person. While the savings amount varies by location, it’s a fun and easy way to get an extra discount. 

How To Get Universal Studios Discount 

  • Check their website – Browse through current deals and discounts on their Deals and Specials Ticket Packages page. This site lists out current offers on a range of travel packages.  
  • Sign up for emails – To make sure you’re always in the know about upcoming specials and exclusive deals, be sure to join their email subscription. With opportunities for savings coming right to you, you’ll be sure to never miss a deal. 
  • Costco & Sam’s Club – Your local Costco may also offer discounted tickets you can get with your membership. As a AAA member, you may also be able to find additional discounts to use on your travel planning.

How To Get Movie Theatre Discounts

A common source of entertainment for all ages is heading to the theaters to see new movies. And with great ways to save, you can head to see the latest movies and family favorites more often. Here we share some helpful steps you can take to get a little extra savings on your movie-going experience. 

  • Choose the Right Day – Watch for your local theater’s deals and specials on a particular day of the week. Sometimes, theaters have discounted ticket prices for movies shown during the week, rather than on the weekend. These discount days can help you save money on your ticket or any additional food and beverage prices depending on where you go. Big-name theaters like Regal, AMC and Cinemark each have their own value day programs that are worth a look. Having a flexible schedule of when to go see your movie can help you save overall. 
  • Go Early For Lower Prices – When it comes to seeing a great movie, the time of day in which you experience it may just be irrelevant. Save some money by switching up your scheduled time. Matinee ticket prices are often cheaper than the evening rates at most theaters. If you want to try and get an even better rate, see if your theater offers a pre-matinee ticket price that lets you see movies before noon for a great price. But even if you can’t make it in that early, you can still save by going earlier in the day. Be sure to research your local theater first to know what times certain rates are available for the movie you want to see. 
  • Discover Free Movie Screenings – At some theaters, movies may be offered for free or at cheap rates in exchange for sharing your thoughts and opinions of what you thought of the movie. You’ll have to sign up for an account, but once you do, you can get notified of movies showing in your area that can help you save on a new movie experience. 
  • Check Cereal Boxes and Credit Card Deals  – Remember those prizes and toys found in the bottoms of cereal boxes? Keep your eyes out for special promotions that food manufacturers run that might get you free movie tickets. While the opportunities vary, you might just discover a fun new surprise in the box you’ll want to take advantage of. But beyond cereal boxes, you can also find great promotions through your credit card as well. Depending on the perks your card offers, you may be able to accumulate reward points or other cashback features that helps to keep more cash in your pocket when you head out.
  • Buy in Bulk for a Group – If you’re bringing along a large group of around 20-25 or more, or visit the movies often, get your tickets in bulk to get some extra savings on your tickets. When you purchase several tickets at a time, you may be eligible for a discount on your tickets. You can share these tickets with a group or use them all for yourself and a friend over a period of time of which they’re valid. 
  • Use Your Senior Status – If you’ve got some years on you, discover how your age can get you savings at the movie theater. Many theaters offer special senior rates for those around age 60 or better. Check your local theater’s schedule as discounts like senior rates may be valid only on certain days, times or for specific movies. As a AAA member, you may also be eligible for additional discount opportunities just for being you. 
  • Check out Military Benefits – If you’re an active duty, veteran, reserves or other military personnel, you may be eligible for discounted rates at your local theater. Check out your benefits available to you as you head out to the movies. These discounts at popular theaters like AMC and Regal help to recognize you and to thank you for your service to the country and communities.
  • Put Your Studies to Your Benefit  – Going to school can be expensive and stressful enough. Use your valid student I.D. card to receive additional discounts on your movie ticket purchase.  These savings can help keep a little extra cash in your pocket when you head out to spend a day or evening out with friends or significant other. 
  • Check out Coupon and Discount Sites – While you’re browsing for deals on clothes, experiences, restaurant gift cards, pick up discounted movie tickets, too. Sites like Groupon and Fandango offer discounted movie tickets and packages you can take advantage of easily. With Fandango, you can earn discounts based on online activity and past purchases through the platform. If you have a membership to club stores like Costco or Sams Club, you may also be able to find additional discounts or reduced ticket prices on the movies you’re craving to see. If you find the right deals, you may even be able to head out to the movies for free. 
  • Become a Member – If you head to the movies frequently, consider joining your local theater’s membership program. You may be able to get extra deals and discounts along with your membership. Get rewarded for your frequent trips to the theaters with perks like redeeming points for reduced ticket prices. For many theater chains, you’ll accumulate points based on your visits and exclusive upgrades on foods and drinks. Popular movie theater chains like Regal Cinemas and AMC offer their own membership plans that come with benefits too good to pass up if you catch movies in theaters on a regular basis.
  • Skip the Fees – When you buy your movie tickets online ahead of time, you’ll ensure you get a seat. But that added convenience may also come along with an extra dollar or two fee tacked onto your overall ticket price. If you can, grab your ticket at the box office instead if there are any fees for online. While this may be more difficult for popular movies that are just released, it’s a great way to go if you have some flexibility. You can also avoid 3D and IMAX fees by simply opting out of those viewing experiences. Depending on the movie, watching a movie on a standard screen may be just as good as an IMAX or 3D experience. 
  • Become A Stubs Member at AMC Theaters – Some of these discounts include a 15% off on any movie ticket purchase. However, some discounts may be restricted to certain times or days of the week. If your theater doesn’t offer a student-specific discount, there are many other ways you can save. Go earlier in the day for a lower rate or become an AMC Stubs member. With a membership, you can get access to cheaper tickets on Tuesdays as well as other rewards as a frequent movie-goer. If your local theater does offer a student discount, remember to bring your valid school ID. This verification proves you’re actually a student. When you get to the theater, head to the box office to get your tickets with a discount. 
  • Take Advantage Of Cinemark Specials – Get access to great discounts like early bird specials, Tuesday deals and special pricing for seniors. Check out their offers site to see what offers and discounts can be applied when you head to your local theater.  
  • Become A Member at Regal – Join the membership club at your local Regal movie theater to get discounts and specials on your movie experience. You can also enjoy daily discounts on snacks and food items to accompany your film.

How To Get Discounts on Broadway Show Tickets

Another kind of theater you may be looking to explore is on Broadway. Often a top spot for any trip to New York City, Broadway offers impressive discounts – if you know where to look. Get access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences to see popular shows like Hamilton, Wicket, the Lion King, the Phantom of the Opera and many more. Before you book your next trip to the theater, check out these discounts to help you save on your culture experience. 

  • Stop at a TKTS Booth – With TDF’s exclusive TKTS booths, you can discover great discounts on Broadway tickets for that same day. Tickets sold through here are heavily discounted tickets up to 50% off. 
  • Shop online – Browse through future Broadway shows and plan ahead to save with resources like the TodayTix app. Find great deals and exclusive promotions as a member. You can also find tickets on popular ticket sites like StubHub or VividSeats where ticket prices can fluctuate, getting you a potential discount. 
  • Use Your Status – As a student, you can be eligible for lower ticket prices as well. While different theater programs have different promotions, if you’re younger than 30, there’s a chance there’s a reduced ticket price in store for you.

No matter what you enjoy doing, you can find opportunities to save. From amusement park tickets for the whole family to a date night at the movies to discovering a new passion around town, these helpful strategies and discounts can help you keep on savoring every moment in life.